As a designer...

I am constantly inspired by my environment. I find that creating unique and personal pieces for a gentleman to wear exciting and it allows each of my clients to express themselves and show the world part of who they truly are. From the inital concept to the final item, the process is just as fun as the finished garments themselves. 

I also love interior design and enjoy working with local clients to bring the concept of unique individuality into their spaces. Whether is is a color consult, partial spacial rearrangement or a full home or room redo I have helped several of my clients make their dream spaces become reality.

What does PimPonT mean?

When trying to name my company I decided I wanted something unique and being a lover of most things French I took the French word for dapper "pimpant" and  exercised poetic license with phonetic spelling and PimPonT was born.

Thank you for visiting my site and let me know how I may help!

- John Cody Golbuff

  Owner/Principal Designer