in the beginning...

There was a dream:

It is the proverbial corporate burn out story - I was working in an office wishing I was doing something I was passionate about. I don't want to bore you with the details but one day, throwing caution to the wind and only ever using a sewing machine one other time in my life to that point, I purchased a 1930s Singer 201 sewing maching. I got to work and with help of many people and tutorials I taught myself to sew, design and construct.

I found my passion!

I love working with different materials to create my garments and accessories. Leather bow ties, why not? Textiles fascinate me and I enjoy the challenge of taking a piece of material and creating a functional and unique item with it.

My hands and the hands of every person that helped bring all of the raw goods together are forever in each item that I create and yet that item also allows the gentleman that wears it to express his own individual personality. Life is just too short to wear banal clothes, I believe the PimPonT man understands that! 

What does PimPonT mean?

When trying to name my company I decided I wanted something unique and being a lover of most things French I took the French word for dapper "pimpant" and  exercised poetic license with phonetic spelling and PimPonT was born.

Thank you for visiting my site and let me know how I may help!

- John Cody Golbuff

  Owner/Principal Designer